Hopelessly Bromantic

by Lauren Blakely

M/M Contemporary Romance



A sexy, passionate, utterly addictive, roomies-to-lovers MM romance from #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely!


Look, when I met the sexy, witty Brit on the streets of London last night, I had no idea who he was. He was just that hot guy I wanted to have a drink with so I asked him out for my first evening in town.

One thing almost led to another. After a midnight kiss, we made plans for a whole lot more the next day.

But when I unlock the door to my rental in the morning, the English hottie is lounging on the couch like he lives here too. Great. For the next year I’ll be sharing a tiny flat with the sexiest guy I’ve ever known.

Time for a few simple rules—don’t walk around the flat wearing only a towel, don’t spend our nights together exploring London, and don’t crack open my secrets for him.

Even as I smash all those rules, I try to resist falling for the cocky charmer. But after a taste of his lips, I give all the way in, telling myself one night and we won’t fall in love.

Too bad in the morning I discover that hiding my true feelings is the least of my worries, compared to a twist I never see coming.

Contents Include: One broody American, one charming Brit, and two libidos that can barely fit into the smallest flat in London. Translation – hot, angsty nights in the first novel in a scorching and emotional two-book epic MM romance!



This book is SO DAMN GOOD! It took me completely by surprise. I don't think that the summary does it justice. It is clever, charming, witty, sexy, emotional, and original. I loved it from the start when TJ and Jude meet in London. Their chemistry is so well written. Each line drips with flirtation and natural charisma. I could not put it down.

The pacing was perfection and the flow well balanced with a thoughtful mixture of humor, drama, heartache, hope, romance, and sexual tension. 

London made for such a cozy backdrop for their meeting and lives and roommates. It allowed for a variety of settings, like the pubs, the bookshop, the vintage stores, as well as their work environments and the shared flat. It was vibrant and energetic, yet felt small and intimate. 

The shopping scene was one of my favorites with the back and forth about the shower curtain and towels. It was very domestic and relatable, and the sexual tension was off the charts! 

"After the last week of getting to know him, I'm no longer convinced I can handle fifty more weeks of living together with, let's face it, my dream guy. He's the swooniest man I've ever known, and my entire body vibrates just being near him. He's wickedly charming and ridiculously beautiful, and I am so far gone."

Time gaps in books don't always work for me, especially when it's over many years, but this built in a way that still somehow kept them connected, even though there was no contact. I thought the growth that each character underwent was realistic and interesting to see play out. I could NOT WAIT to see how these two were going to reunite. I wanted to know who was going to be the first one to reach out and how it would happen. 

They are so good together and so compatible. Their shared love of Oscar Wilde and the special moments they had were truly engaging and romantic. Their longing was so beautiful. I loved everything about it!

I steal hits of you whenever I can if I walk past you. If I get close enough."