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Don't just take my word for it...

Ella Moore
author of Angelfire and The Wildfire Series, coming soon!

If you are looking for the ideal beta reader, stop right here! One warning though: working with Maureen may ruin you for any other beta reader out there...

Let me state this upfront: before I worked with Maureen on my manuscript I had never met her. She is not a family member or old friend. Working with her has made me wish she would be my friend though, just to be clear. None of what comes after is fuelled by anything but sheer gratitude for the feedback she has gifted me with.

Maureen is insightful. She is inspirational - reading her feedback gave me such a boost. She is thorough, and damn, she is fast! Less than one week after sending my completed 88k novel, she came back with 

  1. that all-important fresh impression an excited reader has right after reading the book

  2. a detailed pages-long analysis of the pacing, characters, plot, etc. - giving insights spanning the entire book, with specific examples to bring her feedback to life

  3. questions / holes in the plot she spotted

  4. an edited version of my manuscript, in which she had weeded out common mistakes and helped me with e.g., additional consistency

  5. answers to all the follow-up questions I had

Whatever I write next, Maureen will be my go-to person. Thank you - you've inspired me and made my book better in so many ways!

Gaia Octavia
author of Hidden Gem


Working with Maureen was the most fantastic experience I have ever had as a writer. Not only was her feedback constructive, insightful, helpful, smart, detailed, and thorough, but her ability to deeply understand my characters was astounding. I felt like I’d sat her down for a lengthy interview with them from the way she described their attributes and motivations.


Her corrections were spot on and her insights on what needed to be changed or added was invaluable. Her feedback served to make my novel much better and to rid it of any confusion for future readers. I cannot recommend Maureen’s services enough. Your story will be better for it!​



Eunice Nascimento
author of Overcoming, coming soon!


I reached out to Maureen because I knew my novel needed another round of editing but I couldn’t see how to improve it without changing large parts of it. I believed in what I’d written and I wasn’t happy about that.  

Maureen grasped the essence of my book; she understood what I was trying to do with my novel. I remember repeatedly saying yes to myself at every point she wrote and feeling myself smile. Maureen suggested ways to enrich my characters, develop the plot and provide a better reading experience for readers, all without changing the premise of my story or the direction I’d taken it in. She spotted places where I should have been telling not showing, discrepancies in point of view and stilted dialogue in parts of the story. She also commented on what I had done well.


I now feel confident about my next round of editing. I know how to improve my novel so I can turn it into the book I want it to be. If she can fit me in, I’ll be using her services again. I highly recommend Maureen’s Beta Reading Services!



Keldi Hale
author of Silence for My Soul, coming soon!


Maureen was gracious enough to read my work in progress and did the best job of any beta reader I have ever had read through my work.


Her work was not only thorough and honest,  but timely. I received an edited copy with such detail that I was astounded. She caught so many details adding notes here and there to help me learn the techniques to better myself as a writer and improve my storytelling. I also received a summary where she described her reactions to my characters and what she knew about them from her read through. She detailed areas I need to work on to make my work shine. She was enthusiastic about my work, telling me what she enjoyed and where I could improve. Working with her was such a joy. She not only encouraged me but lifted my spirits and made me want to get right back to work on this novel with fresh eyes.


If you have the opportunity, please allow Maureen to read through your work.  She cares as much about it as you do.



J.L. Feaman


When I reached out to Maureen, I was just about to give up on finding a decent beta reader or any help on my book for that matter. I had person after person, blow off deadlines or give little to no feedback, and my editor, well she missed a lot! I reached out to Maureen for a beta read, but I got so much more. She not only provided amazing feedback on my story, but provided much needed suggestions on grammar and style. I think I may have even told my friends, I was sent an angel to help me! She was by far the best beta reader I had. 


Maureen was timely, thorough, and most of all she took the time to actually get into the book. Her comments showed me she actually got it on a level that others had failed to do. This is my first novel and I learned so much from her. I hope to be able to work with her again on the next one.



Curt Klinghoffer
author of Knowledge, coming soon!


Great beta readers are critical to success for aspiring novelists and very hard to find. I consider myself so fortunate to have found Maureen Saul to serve a beta reader for my novel. Maureen read my manuscript very thoroughly, provided tons of encouragement, edited my formatting to meet professional standards, and offered gently worded suggestions for how to make what she considered a gripping story even better. I can’t recommend her highly enough. 



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