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Beta Reading Services

Beta reading is a crucial part of writing, editing, and publishing. No matter what stage your manuscript is in, it can always be helpful to solicit feedback on high-level concerns and development, as well as the finer details. That's where I come in.




For all of my projects, I use a four-step process: Format, Read, Process, Frame. Because of this, I ask for an average of two weeks of studio time from the agreed upon start date. I also do my best to update you along the way or ask any questions that may help with my feedback.



I begin each manuscript by setting the foundation with standard American formatting for publishing (unless otherwise noted). There are instances, in particular for Fantasy novels, where many formatting decisions are up to the author's preference. In these instances, I will always defer to the author's standard for consistency. To see general guidelines, visit my blog on formatting for publishing.



I ask that all manuscripts be sent in a Word doc so that I am able to use the comment function to provide feedback as I'm reading. I like to provide glimpses into my real-time thoughts as I experience the story. The intent is to show you what stands out and evokes a strong reaction. I will also pose questions, identify concerns, and post other feedback as I go.



I am a processor! I need time to let the story sit, to run through it from beginning to end and replay scenes and character interactions. I like to focus on the characters and think about what I still don't know about them when the book ends. I take into account the world-building, the descriptions, and background. This processing allows me to identify any potential gaps in the bigger picture, while also thinking through the finer details.



This is when I compile all of my insights and make sense out of them – framing an organized summary of my thoughts. Typically, I include a general reaction segment followed by areas that stood out, such as pacing, plotlines, characters, general notes, and formatting details. Summaries are customized to provide the most helpful feedback for each author. Additionally, if there are certain questions or concerns you have, include those in your query and I am happy to incorporate those issues into my feedback.




Preferred Genres (open to most sub-genres)

Fantasy | Paranormal | Contemporary or Historical Fiction | Romance (including lgbtqia+) | Adult, NA, or YA


I do not currently accept

Nonfiction | Horror | Religious | Self-Help 


I prefer manuscripts to be complete but have made exceptions, especially for those seeking developmental feedback. If you are unsure if your writing is a good fit, reach out through the form below.



My pricing is based upon the length of your manuscript.

$50 for 50,000 - 74,000 words

$75 for 75,000 - 99,000 words

$100 for 100,000 - 125,000 words


Is your book longer than Moby Dick? Let's chat and I'll price it from there.

Have we worked together before? If yes, you get a FRIEND discount!

Thanks! Message sent.

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