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Be Still My Love
by J. L. Feaman

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I couldn’t stay away. No matter how hard I tried. From the moment I met famous playboy-musician and actor, Kris August, he had my heart, whether I wanted to admit it or not.

Our worlds collided like fire and ice. Mine was that of a divorced 40-year-old empty nester. His was…well the stuff of legend, fame, and fortune. Every man…and woman’s dream. But despite our differences, we found something in each other we’ve never experienced before. Unbridled passion, obsession, lust…and genuine love. – Amber

The tour is over and Kris and Amber attempt to find their way in a normal world as their romance rekindles and blooms into something deeper. Amber finds herself struggling with her inner demons as her journey of self-discovery continues and she learns the truth behind the daunting secrets haunting Kris from his colorful past. A past that can threaten to tear apart their perfect life.

When you live in the public eye, you can’t trust anyone.

This book is for mature audiences.


What a strong follow up to book one! This book had everything I look for in this genre: steam, passion, intrigue, tension, character growth, engaging plot, engrossing characters, and good one-liners.

I was drawn in from the start, anxious to see what came after the cliffhanger in book one. The sex scenes were smoking hot as usual, and Amber’s development was exactly what I was hoping to see. I loved seeing the switch from her berating herself to owning who she is and leaning on her strengths and embracing herself and her relationship, faults and all.

The twists and turns in this book were unexpected and kept me guessing the whole time. There were so many, and Feaman delivered them perfectly. There was a refined balance in scenes with an escalation of tension and then a much needed cut of humor. I hadn’t noticed that I was edging forward as I was reading, until the tension broke and I would suddenly ease back with a laugh and sigh of relief. This was right on the money for me.

The pacing was perfection with the balance of sex, intrigue, and the development of their relationship. Each scene had intention and helped to round out the story. Loved it!

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