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Come on in, explore and, hopefully, discover something new.

Here you'll find reviews for what I'm reading. As a note, my Romance reviews are featured in author Pax Sinclair's romance e-newsletter, which you can learn more about and subscribe to here

5 Stars = My kind of perfect    4 Stars = Liked it A LOT     3 Stars = It's okay     2 Stars = Struggled     1 Star = Ugh


October 2022 Reviews
House of Salt and Sorrows
(Dark Fairytale Romance)
by Erin A. Craig
Some of my Faves
Below are a few of my recent favorite books in different genres.
Zodiac Academy
(NA Fairy Romance)
by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti
(Friends to Lovers Romance)
by Amy Daws
(M/M College Romance)
by Loren Leigh
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