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Updated: Aug 6, 2018

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Ellen Bracquiné

author of [working title: Angelfire]

If you are looking for the ideal beta reader, stop right here! One warning though: working with Maureen may ruin you for any other beta reader out there...

Let me state this upfront: before I worked with Maureen on my manuscript I had never met her. She is not a family member or old friend. Working with her has made me wish she would be my friend though, just to be clear. None of what comes after is fuelled by anything but sheer gratitude for the feedback she has gifted me with.

Maureen is insightful. She is inspirational - reading her feedback gave me such a boost. She is thorough, and damn, she is fast! Less than one week after sending my completed 88k novel, she came back with 

  1. that all-important fresh impression an excited reader has right after reading the book

  2. a detailed pages-long analysis of the pacing, characters, plot, etc. - giving insights spanning the entire book, with specific examples to bring her feedback to life

  3. questions / holes in the plot she spotted

  4. an edited version of my manuscript, in which she had weeded out common mistakes and helped me with e.g., additional consistency

  5. answers to all the follow-up questions I had

Whatever I write next, Maureen will be my go-to person. Thank you - you've inspired me and made my book better in so many ways!


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