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Misfits Like Us

by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Contemporary Romance



As the eldest daughter of famous parents, Luna Hale is anything but normal. She escapes most days inside the fandoms she loves and the fics she writes, and she’s accepted that real life just sucks more than fiction. But there is someone who could rival every swoony man inside her imagination.

And he only lives three floors below her. Too bad he’s incredibly off-limits. Her brother’s bodyguard, eight years older (okay, sometimes, nine), and the son of meth addicts—the tattooed, shameless bodyguard is the only one her dad really hates. But Luna isn’t sure exactly why.

She’s trying not to be hung up on him.

Paul Donnelly is trying not to be hung up on her.

With his life among the security team and his friends at stake, he doesn’t need to make waves among the Hales, especially the notoriously overprotective Loren Hale, the self-proclaimed Emperor of Petty. But when Donnelly’s two best friends set a time and place for a double—no, a “triple” date—the countdown to finding a date is on.

Donnelly has no idea who he should bring. He just knows it can’t be her.

Luna finds herself in the same predicament as bad luck unfolds. Find a date.

And it can’t be him.

Yet, the more they try to stay away, the more the universe has other plans. Nowhere in Luna’s wildest imagination could she have predicted what happens next.

The slow burn heartache, feel-good fandom chats, lifelong friendships, and epic cosmic love of this next installment in the Like Us series will send your hearts into orbit with Luna & Donnelly, and you won’t want to make a landing without them.


This is the eleventh book in the Like Us Series. I have skipped a few and jumped back in, so someone could potentially read this without having previously read any of the other books, but this is a very character-driven series, so I would recommend starting with book one. 

I have been looking forward to this book for years! Luna was always one of my favorite characters, with her fics, her wild imagination, her flair and personality. I thought this book would be an instant winner for me. Luna was everything that I had hoped for, my disappointment didn't stem from there. It was that there were SO many scenes without the two of them together or interacting that I got quickly bored with all of the side stories spinning off in directions that I didn't care about. It was nearly halfway through the book before there was any real momentum or movement in their relationship.

The other surprise for me was that there was a vague sense of them having crushes on each other for a while, but it wasn't totally clear when that changes or at what point they both hit a climax and decided to pursue it. It kind of came out of nowhere after building for so long. I can't imagine if they've shelved their feelings for years that all of a sudden the occurrence of a triple date would make them flip out and have to come clean. I thought it was a weak plot. 

Donnelly was finally given much more depth. I loved getting into his head and seeing bits of his past - especially in the confrontation with his cousin. He is complex and quirky, and it worked so well to balance out Luna and bolster her confidence in herself. They were precious together and so well matched. It was beautiful when they came together. I wish the story would have stayed more tightly focused on them as a couple or their scenes together. It was hard for me to get through this without skimming most chapters where they weren't with each other. 

If you are a fan of this series, then I recommend giving it a try. If you have yet to start it, I highly suggest reading it, beginning with book one

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